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Skin Care
Since 1875 electrolysis has provided relief for those with unwanted hair.  Electrolysis, utilizing a single use sterile probe, is the only method of hair removal allowed by the FDA to state Permanent Hair Removal.  Each individual follicle is treated with AC, DC or both currents combined.  A series of Electrolysis treatments will result in permanent hair removal.  Electrolysis works on all areas, skin tones and hair color.  I commonly work with people who have used other methods of hair removal and now want permanent results.  Men, Women and Teens are welcome. Areas of treatment include:  Brows, Upper Lip, Chin, Cheek, Ears, Neck, Chest, Back, Bikini & Legs.
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​The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Turks and Bev in Minnesota (20 years!) were the earliest known to wax.   The advantages are that you can stay smooth longer than with shaving, it often reduces or delays hair growth, and it can disable body hair follicles over time.  For those who want seasonal hair removal or even monthly hair removal it is a good and inexpensive option.  Areas of treatment include: Underarms, Arms, Hands, Neck, Chest, Back, Bikini, Legs & Feet.
*80 relaxing minutes required for a high performance facial designed to refresh, soften and rejuvinate. While lying on self heating mud I will interweave products such as Skin Ceuticals, Phytomer and Vivant that are proven to enhance your skins natural ability. Cleansing, steaming, 2 peels, extractions, message, a mask, serum and moisturizer are all included.  Amazing.
*20 minute glycolic 30 and lactic 40 peels single or as a series followed with a serum and moisturizer.

Permanent Makeup

Make a lasting difference in your appearance simply and safely.  If you have sparse eyebrows or wear eyeliner everyday, this may be for you. Very Beautiful.
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